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And finally….(more pottery pics)

I picked up my final piece of pottery course work tonight. Formally known as ‘Unit 03 final piece’, here are the best of my mugs:


Unfortunately, I have ended up with fewer working mugs than people who have hinted they’d like one. And I definitely owe my parents some pottery to clutter up their house after I kept the sunflower planter (a.k.a. ‘Unit 02’).

So my apologies in public (that way you have to smile and say you don’t mind):

“Sorry to everyone who I’d like to have presented with a mug. If I do the course again next year, you will, of course, be foremost in my mind.”

And with that, my pottery course 2007-2008 is over. I’ve decided not to carry on next term because I’ve signed up to learn pole-dancing again. More on that later….

Four Months in the Making (or…My Pottery Project)

Tonight I finally brought home my completed sunflower planter from my pottery class.

In case my examiner is reading this: the sunflower design was inspired by Gaudi’s tiles on a house I saw in Northern Spain once; the triple planter idea was my own; the idea to do a slab pot planter was inspired by another student’s single slab pot planter last term. Also, dear examiner, I did a couple of sketched designs, made some changes to the design along the way, and did lots of test tiles to investigate the best way to glaze the pots, and, finally but mostly importantly, I recorded all my investigations, findings, and decisions in my notebook like a good little potter.

And here’s the end result:

Photo of my pots

At this point I must make a confession of sorts…

I had promised the finished article to my parents as part of their Christmas present….

Having worked on it weekly for the last 4 months, however, I’ve become rather attached to it… :-/

Just remember to stir the glaze…

Candle holder for garden.
Tonight, I picked up this term’s output from my pottery class. Since Easter, I made two mugs and a vase (all centred by myself – the bit where the clay flies off the wheel if you don’t do it properly), a kind of squashed bowl (not centred myself), and a hand-moulded (thumbpot) candle holder for the garden.
Tea caddy

Unfortunately, I didn’t stir the glaze well enough so the colour is rather washed out. And the mugs don’t quite match the tea caddy that I made last term.

The tea caddy is probably the best finished piece so far but the mugs are my best achievement.

I’ve signed up for more classes in September.