I’m work on Developer Outreach in the development team for WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile and I work for IBM UK at Hursley Park in the South of England. I spend my days eliciting and editing content for the WASdev.net website, and generally building a developer community around Liberty profile. This includes tweeting as @WASdevnet, finding answers to questions on StackOverflow, and generally finding new ways to support and interact with our users.

I was previously a User Experience Specialist and, before that, a Technical Author also at IBM Hursley. As a Hursley IBMer, I also contribute occasionally to the unofficial eightbar.com blog.

I actually only work part-time for IBM. The other part of my time, I’m studying for a PhD in Cognitive and Social Psychology at the University of Surrey. In my previous student life, I was at Lancaster University where I studied Psychology and did my final year dissertation on navigating webpages. I went straight on to doing a Masters by Research in Human-Computer Interaction and my Masters dissertation evaluated eye-tracking as a method of usability testing webpages. I presented my Masters research at the HCI2002 conference and published a full paper based on my dissertation in the conference proceedings (Google Scholar currently merges the two as they’re pretty similar; it’s cool to see it’s still being cited).

In my spare time, I’m a presenter on the Ubuntu Podcast, an Open Source and technology podcast. As a presenter on the Ubuntu Podcast (@ubuntupodcast), I co-organised the OggCamp10 conference in Liverpool and co-ran OggCamp in Wolverhampton and OggCamp11 in Surrey, presenting in the live show each time. Before the birth of OggCamp, I usually helped crew its predecessor, the annual LugRadio Live in Wolverhampton. I also presented once on The Doctor Who Podcast.

I’ve blogged on this site about all of these things, in one form or another. If you want to follow how any of this is going at the moment, you can find me on Twitter where I’m @lauracowen.

Finally, if you’re looking for an email address, try: website [at] lauracowen [dot] co [dot] uk


This is my personal website but as I work for IBM UK Ltd, I have to remind you that the postings on this site are my own and don’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.