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Happy birthday, Tony!

Today is Tony‘s birthday. Tony is a life-long Doctor Who fan. Here’s a short video from when he appeared on WAC90, a children’s Saturday morning TV programme in 1990:

When the new WAC90 ‘The Fanatic’ segment was announced, Tony wrote in about his love of Doctor Who. In no time at all, he and his family (Mum, Dad, and brother) were whisked up to Manchester and put up in a hotel overnight, ready for their very early start in the Granada TV studios the next morning. This wasn’t his family’s only beyond-the-call-of-duty support for Tony’s Doctor Who enthusiasm but, this time, I think it may have been mitigated somewhat by getting to meet Michaela Stracken.

His Mum once took him to an auction at Bonhams where she helped him bid on, and buy, some costumes from the TV show. On another occasion, his Dad, having chauffeured Tony to a convention, struck up conversation with Colin Baker in the foyer and made him late getting on stage for his panel!

Ever since I met Tony’s family, they’ve told me gleefully about this WAC90 appearance. But it’s taken us 14 years to dig out the VHS tape and digitise the recording so that I could actually watch it for myself.

We felt we should share this moment from TV history.