Monthly Archives: August 2013

Ubuntu Podcast revealed!

We’re now into our sixth series of the Ubuntu Podcast (@uupc) and we’ve been asked many (well, some) times why we don’t stream video of our recording sessions, especially as we live-stream the audio during the recording sessions. The sad truth is that our (Tony and my) broadband connection just hasn’t been able to hack it. We were pleased the audio stream worked; video was but a dream. Then BT ran ‘fibre to the cabinet’; specifically, and importantly, fibre to our cabinet (the one that serves our house, anyway). So now we have BT Infinity and 18 times the broadband speed that we had before.

So, this week, we decided to try video, using Google Hangouts On Air.

And here’s how it went for episode S06E25 – Night of the Living Ubuntu (I think it went pretty well, as you asked):

(If you wondered why I disappeared at about 13:55, it was because I was quite ill. I started the evening feeling a little queasy but figured it might pass. As the opening music started, I realised it wasn’t going to pass. By about 10:00, I’d pretty much stopped listening to the others and just wished they’d shut up so I could read my news item and get it over with. I think I actually managed to hang on for a bit after that but lots of lip-biting and a gulp of water didn’t help and I eventually gave up. Ah well, maybe next time.)

We also videoed episode S06E26 (we record two episodes in a single evening). Subscribe to our Ubuntu Podcast YouTube channel to get it when it appears and, of course, find the podcast in its usual place at: