Monthly Archives: October 2007

Blog Fatal Error fixed!

In my little world I’m hoping that people tried to comment on my blog posts recently. My apologies if you were hit by a Fatal Error. It’s now fixed. It was my fault (not my theme, which I’d tried to blame at least once). But it’s all fixed now.

So you can comment away, to your heart’s content!



p.s. Notice too that my tag cloud (below) is now Snap-icon free – thanks Erik (thanks also for persevering beyond my broken site to let me know – yay for Facebook!). If you too want to know how to prevent Snap icons appearing on specific bits of a post, see the Snap Shots FAQ (note to self: RTFM).

Oh so Web 2.0!

A couple of nights a go, I had a go with (which I struggle to spell, let alone get the dots in the right places!). I registered a bit back but, once logged in, had absolutely no idea what to do next. Someone suggested I install a delicious (sack the dots!) extension for Firefox. There turned out to be three available (when I searched Firefox’s extensions) so I installed the Yahoo! one (Yahoo! own delicious now).

Rather nicely, after installation, it launched a wizard that stepped me through importing my bookmarks from my local Firefox file. They imported okay and were saved as private. I then did some spring-cleaning and deleted out-of-date bookmarks, then tagged and re-tagged others. The imported bookmarks were automatically tagged according to the bookmark folders they’d been in, which was helpful.

So, anyway, here are my delicious tags. If you click through a tag, you’ll see the bookmarks that I’ve classified with that tag.