The last West Wing :'(

Last night we watched the last two episodes of The West Wing. I was streaming with tears throughout the last episode – not because anything really bad happens but just because of the moving storylines and acting.

It’s sad that it’s over because I think The West Wing is probably the most consistently best written, acted, and made TV series I’ve seen.

There’s a new series starting soon called Studio 60 that’s by the same people, and stars Matt Perry (who was brilliant in his few appearances in West Wing) and the ace Bradley Whitford. We saw a trailer for it last night and it looks like the actor who played Danny in West Wing is also in there, which is good news. So fingers-crossed that it’s as good a series.

And if you haven’t seen The West Wing, you really should. But make sure you start from the beginning and concentrate or you won’t have a clue what’s going on!

2 thoughts on “The last West Wing :'(

  1. Matthew Perry was in the West Wing?!? Gosh, so he was. I’ve not got that far yet! 🙂 I’ll be looking out for him though now…

    (we didn’t quite meet properly at LRL)

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