My bunny just taught me some French!

At midday today, my bunny gave me a lesson in French grammar and vocabulary.

Ages ago, I selected the French podcast to play every Saturday on my Nabaztag bunny but I’ve never been around to hear it before. I just happened to come in to the living-room at the right time today.

It’s pretty good in that it goes through a news story, phrase by phrase, explaining the grammar and providing vocabulary in English where necessary. Then, finally, it reads the entire news story from beginning to end. Today’s was something to do with the Pope mobile. I understood the phrases but either the story was a bit bizarre or I missed something important.

The whole thing lasted about ten minutes.

UPDATE: Apparently the story was that a German tried to jump on board the Pope’s car. I think I missed the bit about the German (I did get that it was a man jumping in/on a car). I think that ranks as being a bit bizarre.

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