Monthly Archives: June 2007

Just remember to stir the glaze…

Candle holder for garden.
Tonight, I picked up this term’s output from my pottery class. Since Easter, I made two mugs and a vase (all centred by myself – the bit where the clay flies off the wheel if you don’t do it properly), a kind of squashed bowl (not centred myself), and a hand-moulded (thumbpot) candle holder for the garden.
Tea caddy

Unfortunately, I didn’t stir the glaze well enough so the colour is rather washed out. And the mugs don’t quite match the tea caddy that I made last term.

The tea caddy is probably the best finished piece so far but the mugs are my best achievement.

I’ve signed up for more classes in September.

Late to the party

I’ve just joined Facebook. It seems that I’m the last one to that party! On the up-side, it means that there are many many people I know on there.

Much more fun than which I also joined a while back but never did much with.

I never joined Facebook before now because I’ve not been that interested in ‘social networking’ as reason for using the Web. I use the Web for buying things and looking things up. I do use instant messaging…a lot…including using Sametime avidly at work (for work and for friends).

I’ve been on Friends Reunited for ages, though never paid the subscription. I’ve had one person contact me (which was great) but mostly I’ve just used it to keep track of what people from school are doing now.

Facebook is just a more fun way of doing that. And you don’t have to pay money to do interesting stuff!

Ah well, I’ll wait and see how many people accept my invitations to be their friend.