WebSphere Message Broker – verifying without the Toolkit

Well, as my first post in a while, I’m going to plug JT’s developerWorks article called Verifying WebSphere Message Broker V6 without using the toolkit. It’s an ace idea for an article.

If you happen to install WebSphere Message Broker, the product documentation typically instructs you to verify your installation using some of the samples (I know; I wrote some of it). But this method assumes that you have installed the Message Brokers Toolkit, the GUI development environment. While I think this is a fair assumption if you are coming new to the product to try it out or just have a play, if you’re more hardcore, you maybe just want to install the runtime (ie the bit that isn’t the Message Brokers Toolkit and that does the actual broker work).

JT’s article basically steps you through how to verify your installation without using the GUI.

I’m also happy to plug his article because he cites my IBM Redbooks publication WebSphere Message Broker Basics, as does (I just found) the Wikipedia article about the product.

Not that I’m easily flattered or anything… 😀

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  1. Hi Laura – great to have you blogging. Another one for my feedreader.

    I think the Basics Redbook is great – I’m always recommending it to customers 🙂

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