HCI 2007: Last chance to submit HCI Practice papers!

If you work in usability, accessibility, interaction design, technical writing, or you do exciting things with novel interfaces – or, in fact, you do anything related to human-computer interaction – consider writing about it and submitting an HCI Practice report for HCI 2007. An HCI Practice report is just two pages of your time and, if accepted, you will do a presentation at the conference in September.

HCI 2007 is a conference organised by the British HCI Group (the human-computer interaction specialist group of the British Computer Society). The conference is run annually and, this year, is hosted by Lancaster University, UK. The conference will run from 3rd-7th September, with Thursday 6th September as the day on which the HCI Practice presentations will take place.

The conference website is at www.hci2007.org, and instructions on how to submit an HCI Practice report are at http://www.bcs-hci.org.uk/hci2007/programme/practitioner.asp

So contact me on laurajcowen@yahoo.co.uk if you need any more information or if you have any questions (put HCI2007 in the subject line so that you don’t end up in my Junk folder).

I look forward to hearing from you!

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