Monthly Archives: April 2007

The Queen

I finally got to see the lauded Helen Mirren film, The Queen, tonight. To be honest, I wasn’t that impressed.

It tells the story of the week that Diana was killed and the over-the-top public reaction to it – and rather understated reaction of the Royal Family.

I’m not really sure what the purpose of the film was meant to be but I didn’t find it that interesting really. It wasn’t all bad: the aged Queen Mum was amusing, Prince Philip insensitive to the point of being objectionable, and the Blairs-at-home (Cherie cooking fish-fingers for tea) fun.

I think the main problem for me was that the film’s been made too soon. I don’t mean that in a mawkish way. I just found it a bit too much like watching an extended Rory Bremner sketch. In 10 or 20 years from now, it’ll be an historical event that I’ll be interested to look back on. At the moment, despite being 10 years old now, watching real news footage interleved with the drama just seemed to be trying too hard to evoke the emotions in the viewer. The inquest/investigations into the deaths of Diana and Dodi are hardly in the distant past, and Tony and Cherie haven’t really grown old enough yet that you don’t spend the entire film comparing whether or not the actors look like them.

I’m not sure that I learnt that much from it that I didn’t know already – afterall, I still remember where I was that week (drugged up with antibiotics off work from my summer job after a dog bit my hand), I remember the news footage at the time, and I’ve seen the news footage and speculation since.

So, not really worth the $12.99 I paid-to-view in my hotel room (more on that later). Still, it went well with my Chinese takeaway and made a fairly relaxing evening in.